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International Tourism in Spain – “FREE DAY – APRIL 28 – LA NIÑA VILLA, ALICANTE. After several days of discovering Spain through organized adventure tours and sightseeing, we were set to experience Alicante on our own or just relax at our villa. Some of us decided to go to the local beach and swim in the cold Mediterranean Sea.

Some of us were less adventurous and enjoyed sleeping in, including me. At first, it was just a regular day, but…

What made this day very special is that my fellow classmates organized a small celebration of my birthday. What a surprise! A meal, a cake, candles, a birthday card and, of course, a happy birthday song.

Celebrating my birthday in Spain with my friends was an experience of its own and this day will certainly be long remembered.

I might not have learned anything about Spain today, but I experienced that having people around who care about you and vice versa has a real and positive effect on yourself and on your attitude towards others. 

Good news! You don’t have to have a birthday to care about someone. I would like to share my gratitude with all who shared this “Spanish adventure” with me and with NSCC International for their support.

By the way, Feliz Cumpleaños is Happy Birthday in Spanish.

Peter Hradisky

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Akerley Campus

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