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ISTEP Tanzania Nova Scotia Study Tour – When I visited the Nova scotia Libraries I learned a lot of things. The libraries were well designed and organized to meet multiple purposes.It is a place of learning and practicing through various method eg one can learn through books, journal and other written hard copy materials; also learning can be through accessing the internet as computers and learning programs are installed in. People are able to pursue  their learning privately or in group within the library rooms which are some public while others are privately  separate to meet the  needs. There are enough spaces which can give rooms for some special activities such as practicing presentation techniques. Works of arts and other recreational activities. It is proudly that  Library is so recognized by even the community surrounding it and the are very much aware of  using it  as a source of information or even entertainment and a reliable learning center

I was exposed to various areas of study which added a lot  of skills and knowledge to my  teaching and librarian carrier, I will be able to share my views on various issues related to Eco- tourism, and teaching methodology, I saw the ways museums are set, how the information in a museum is organized and set in different styles such as still pictures, slide pictures, PowerPoints and other lots of electronic designed programs to suit the case.

I have more skills  of teaching and evaluation as added to my previously one and I have to find the way to pass it to my colleague staffs who do not have it. I have a good experience knowledge and skills from  a place much advanced than ours which will  make me much more trusted in the issues related to my professional.

I have added the using of teaching techniques as I attended the assessment and Evaluation workshop in Truro Campus. This will help me very much in teaching carrier.I also added skills in Library services, such as catalogue system, library loan procedures of printing book stickers, arranging books in the library shelves, techniques to be used when encounter library users with different interests. Also the use of websites in  registering new books; various way of identifying library needs in collaboration with  faculty members and to plan meeting with new users of library to give them orientation.

Lots of things I learned but to mention only few of them.

Peter Mkada

Communications Faculty and Librarian

Mikumi Vocational Training Centre


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