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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – It was wonderful to have been able to study Doing Business in Europe summer program in Groningen, Netherlands. The three-week program gave me the opportunity to be fully immersed in the Dutch culture.

Through the range of courses from European country lessons to market entry, I’ve gained knowledge and skills I wouldn’t from an international perspective. Throughout the course we worked in teams to research and deliver in depth and engaging presentations on European business and the roles of law, marketing, sales, and finance play in business.

Outside of the classroom we explored the city of Groningen while getting to know classmates and meeting some of the locals. Groningen has beautiful canals bordered with houseboats, busy markets, and gorgeous nature parks. Biking is a huge part of life in Groningen and during our stay that’s how we got around. Having our bikes and exploring by bike turned out to be my favorite part, it really made us feel like a local. 

Rachel MacNeil-Dixon

Business Administration Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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