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Cultural Entrepreneurship & Documentation Program in Grenada: Today was our last day on the beautiful island of Grenada and I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of this program. Yesterday, during our final day in the classroom, Kelvin Dragon, a pharmacy student at the college in Grenada that I had been working with these past two weeks and myself were chosen to do a brief opening before the final presentations, I believe what we presented summed up our trip wonderfully and would like to share it with you.

“The students staff and faculty, in a bond of friendship, culture and intellect; bread the results of an initiative to document a countries life through its art, music and traditional medicines.

Almost all of the 133 square miles of the tropical island was explored through taste, sight, song, smell and touch.

–              The sound of the sweet steal pan music played by David “Peck” Edwards, the melodic voice of King Ajamu as well as the angelic voice of Mrs. Robinson

–              The array of colors expressed by the traditional folk dancers on the sister isle of Carriacou. The story told by artifacts of life long ago in Grenada in the museum of Joseph Rome

–              The smell of Dr. Marcelle’s unpolluted gardens, the freshness of grand etang forest, the calming effects of basil as well as the aroma of Nutmeg, lemongrass and coconut oils.

–              The taste of local herbs, foods and fruits including bagan cherry, guava, water lemon, wax apple and mango.

–              The feel of sulfur on ones face, sulfur pulled from the craters of the islands once active now dormant volcano's

All things experienced, felt, explored and documented a wealth of potential preservation of culture in music, herbal remedies and economic progress.

Week two stimulated each individual’s entrepreneurial self. From the field to the classroom, we reviewed all information gathered through the interviews and discovered areas of opportunity for economic, social and cultural development within Grenada.”

No words can explain the experience this past two weeks has presented to us as students, as individuals and as professionals in our field. We will all be leaving here with nothing less than an unbelievable appreciation for this island's traditional culture.

Rachelle Samson

Business Administration – Management

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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