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ISTEP Tanzania – From 7TH JULYTO 14TH July, I attended session of facilitating adult learners at Truro Campus where I benefit a lot by getting knowledge and skills of different knowledge and skills during BOPPPS training and micro teaching sessions. I learned how to teach my students by following BOPPPS which means Bridge in, Learning Objectives, Pre- assessment, Participatory learning, Post- assessment and Summary/closure. Another thing I learn in BOPPPS is how to motivate my trainees during the session.


The first workshop was on Managing a respectful workplace. The session was of very important to me as I learn how to manage activities at my office and how to respect students, staff and whole Mikumi community.

Also another workshop was on strengths within individuals. Here I learnt on my top five strengths and how I can make use of them at my work environment. It was very nice session to know ones strength so as to help to identify different individual’s strength. This will enable me to know my students strengths and my colleagues hence easier to assign works and reach the outcomes.

Halifax Historical Sites. Here I learnt on background and history of Canada.


Tour at NSCC Water Front Campus. At this Campus, we made visit of different department of the college and saw workshops of different programmes offered. These includes, Nursing, Music, Graphics and Printing, electronics, and mechanics to mention few.

Tour at Akerley Campus. This is the Campus which deals with hospitality programme such as Culinary Arts, Food and Beverages, Pastry and Bakery.

Joseph Mmary sitting at the Akerley library

Tour at Black Loyalists Heritage Center

Tour of the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg, the place where are written names ,year for people who died  by  boat accident.

All of the above tours we made, I have increased my knowledge on tourism aspects and widen my knowledge’s on different and practices done here at Canada as compared to Tanzania.

Barbeque event. The event was good as it made us to meet different NSCC staff and students who visited Tanzania and others who in future might visit Tanzania. But also we shared different views and felt happy to meet each other.

This being my first time to arrive to Canada, I have learned a lot from to our  Hosts of this project.  My appreciations and thanks goes to the  Nova scotia community college International Director & Manager  they  cared us a lot for all basic human  needs including Food, Accommodation, Training  material, Environment. I learn that they have best customer care that makes us to feel comfortable to our stay and learning. The program was arranged and organized well.  I thank all management of this project, NSCC Managements and the Government of Canada without forgetting Management of VETA Mikumi, VETA Head Office and President Office for their permission of my trip to visit Canada for this potential training I have attended. 

Revina Bahatie Sylivine

Culinary Arts Tutor

Mikumi Vocational Training Centre

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