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Entrepreneurship Summer School in Scotland – When I heard about the opportunity to travel to Scotland for entrepreneurship I jumped at the chance to apply.  Entrepreneurship is something I have been passionate about for a long time, what better way to grow that skill set than by experiencing different ideas, perspectives, cultures, and countries.

 When I finally landed in Glasgow after a late flight from Halifax Nova Scotia, I took a train to Aberdeen where I was supposed to meet the rest of the students. That train ride was a fantastic introduction to Scotland, for hours I passed through scenic towns and was blown away by coastal views of the ocean and historic ruins.

The best part aside from sightseeing was getting to know others from both Canada and Germany. We were all open-minded, so we started sharing cultural backgrounds, you know, those little things that make us stand out to other countries. For example, some Canadians really do like maple syrup, and Some Germans really are punctual as one may expect; but underneath those very shallow perceptions, are individuals who have their own set of values and characteristics. For that reason, I've had a fantastic time getting to know everyone and definitely built some relationships that will carry on into the future.

During the two-week period, we attended lectures in preparation for our projects that were due at the end of the program. We were put in teams that mixed cultures and nationalities, from this point on it was extraordinary to watch how everyone overcame challenges like language, to deliver impressive presentations.

One of the many things that I feel I gained during this experience was the ability to work with others in a successful group regardless of culture or background. Everyone brings something different to the table when you work in a team, and being able to play off others strengths is a significant benefit in the business environment.

Ryan Blaikie

Business Administration Student

NSCC Truro Campus

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