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My Name is Sabrina Thomas and I am from the beautiful island called Grenada- in the caribbean. Monday, 7th October, 2013, has made it one month since i have been in Nova Scotia, and so far, It has been a wonderful experience. I'm Now attending the NSCC Akerley Campus as a Culinary Student. Both the staff and students of the school had been very friendly and helpful, and wanted to know alot about my country and i have not hesitated one bit to tell them about it.

Coming to Nova Scotia for school is a big change for me, and i have not dreamt of coming to a place like that in a lifetime. But i guess that's what you get when your hard work pays off- it sure is a hell of a good thing. Almost everything in this area is different to back home. The People, the food, the music, the activites, the buildings and ohhh the weather. Oh My, the weather is a big shocker for me. I swear the coldest i have ever been was when rain fell and there was just some chilly breeze outside but all of this is about to change. In Grenada, we only have two seasons; Wet and Dry.. So getting up and going to school in 18 degrees weather and less was never in the picture, and most Canadians call this weather nice and cool, I find it rather strange..

Non the less, The leaves are turning into those different colours and they are just sooo beautiful and I am excited to see the snow since i have never seen in before in my entire life. Well.. except in a movie, but I want to be able to touch and see what it feels and looks like with my own eyes. The Month and few weeks that i have spent here has been tremendous and I know that it will continue being the way for the few months that i have left!

A special thanks goes out to Ashley, Who allowed both me and my friend Lexann to have this oppurtunity to come to Nova Scotia. And telling us about this Blog so that we can share this wonderful experience with everyone!


Sabrina Thomas

Culinary Arts, Akerley Campus

International Exchange Student TA Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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