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International Exchange Students 2014 – Cape Breton – I have been to Cape Breton at the middle of October with two exchange students from Austria. The highways in Nova Scotia are broad and everywhere you come is no rush. We visited the Cape-Breton-Highland-Nationalpark and have seen a moose in front of us and a moose mom with her baby. Furthermore, we enjoyed the “Indian Summer” and fantastic views. Great animals and lovely nature!

Cultural differences – Nova Scotians have a better social contact among themselves in the daily routine. For example, everybody says thank you to the bus driver when they leave the bus or hold the door open for the guy who is behind you. Among people is more small talk, how are you?, how are you doing today?. Another difference is the food. Most people eat much unhealthy junk food and vegetable extremely expensive. Many different junk food places everywhere you look. People are more relaxed than in the Netherlands.

How our classes are different – The subjects and teaching technics are similar to the Netherlands but you have to do more midterm tests and in the Netherlands you write at the ends of the semester one test for each subject. Furthermore, you have to do more presentations and group work at the Hanzehogeschool. At the NSCC we have to write more assignments than at the Hangehogeschool. Also different is that teachers at the NSCC teach with PowerPoint slides during school lessons and we never used the books at the lessons, unfortunately.

Sander Beerepoot

Exchange Student, Netherlands

Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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