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My experience in Halifax

I’m Santiago, I come from Bogotá Colombia. My experience here has been great, lots of places to visit, great restaurants and beautiful landscapes all over the city.

On my first week I went to Point Pleasant park, it is a beautiful park on the end of Halifax, there you can sit on the sea shore and admire the great view of the sea. Also, you can go jogging all over the park and do some exercise with all the nature all over. I also visited a lot of restaurants on the Halifax downtown; great variety of menus and dishes.

Where I come from, the climate never changes, so the experience of going from summer to fall has been incredible! When I arrived was pretty hot and by this time I can’t go out of the house without a good jacket, pair of gloves and hat.

So far I’ve loved this experience and all the great things Halifax has to offer me as an exchange student.

Santiago Crane

NSCC Student

Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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