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Women in Engineering Summer Program in Austria – It’s surreal… From touch down, to the meet and greet of other female students who come from engineering backgrounds. Math and physics, bio medics, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, robotics and more. I work with a group of women (strong women), in a program called Techsploration; where women in trades motivate young women in high school to pursue math and sciences. Where I teach proper presentation etiquette and I speak as a guest and role model to young women and encourage them to stay in more male dominated fields. However, you never know how truly powerful your job or volunteer work is until you travel halfway around the world, to meet up with women all over the world, in attempts to make a difference, and to make a change in the way women change the world. It’s enlightening and such a rush to go from a teacher to a student; I think it's beyond important to learn that not only what you do is important, but how you share it, and who you share it with, is just as important if not more important.

Over the past few days I’ve grown stronger by listening and being encouraged by my peers to pursue my future dreams and passions; everything and anything that I would like to attempt in my career and life as a whole, now seems even more possible. 

Sarah Thomas

Architectural Engiineering Technology

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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