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As an exchange student is always difficult to get used to a country with a different culture and language. Halifax has been a great experience for me since I believe now I am more independent. I learned how to do things by myself that I don’t usually do in Colombia, so I feel I have grown as a person.

I fun fact I realized being here while talking with locals, is that they love talking about winter season. For some reason they are traumatized about the harsh temperatures they experience in winter. I’m sorry I won’t be able to experience the “real winter” as they say (January and February especially) but definitely it has been a much colder country than I thought.

Halifax has given me the opportunity to live the change of seasons, since in Colombia we don’t have seasonal changes, has also given me poutine which I love (Alexandra’s especially), has given me the opportunity to watch the incredible skyline of the city travelling daily in the ferry to get to NSCC and finally, the most important thing that Halifax has given to me are really good friends from all over the world.

Sebastian Lozano

Exchange Student – Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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