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Hello, my name is Sharda Joseph an international exchange student here at NSCC Akerley Campus from the T.A Marryshow Community College studying Business Tourism.

Here in Nova Scotia there is so much to share about my experience so far, upon arrival to Canada the one thing that was noticeable is the friendliness, helpfulness and the generosity of the people. Coming from a tropical island when I stepped outside the airport it was different, I wasn’t ready for the coldness, but surprisingly my body has adjusted for the weather although everyone keeps telling me this is no the real coldness.

Everything is different like the food, the music, the buildings, even the way I learned in the classroom, I literally had one notebook throughout the semester but back home I had one for each course and the bus system was confusing to me because the buses here worked on scheduled unlike what I’m used to, I even the took wrong buses and sort of got lost.

Despite everything I had amazing people who enhanced my experience. I got the chance to meet people from the industry and visit places such as Peggy’s Cove, Sherbrooke Village and wineries, I even went to my first hockey game which was amazing.

Sharda Joseph

Business Tourism

Akerley Campus

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