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CCEDP Summer 2015 – As a Tutor, Short Course Coordinator and Head of ICT at Morogoro Teachers Training College (MVTTC), I had always loved to acquire knowledge and skills for helping adult learners to bring in their potentials through long life learning with effective instruction and learning environment.

NSCC – CCEDP Program provided me with insight, the effective practice, tools, knowledge and skills to actually use to Facilitate and Assessing & Evaluating Adult Learning. The model to blend out into my country to make a confident impact. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

NSCC through its international experienced faculty experts in CCEDP Program, has granted me the confidence to tread out into my college and the country at large to spearhead on facilitating Adult Learning effectively with the new acquired skills and Knowledge from NSCC.

The applied methodology for these programs have been a step stone for sharing experiences, culture and values from our countries Tanzania and Canada. By putting me together with NSCC faculty members and become facilitated together, this causes the potential to nurture our partnership and engage richer and deeper conversations on both a personal and professional level as faculty.

Thank you very much NSCC management, faculty members and staff for the remarkable hospitality, support and efforts you made to make this needful training program a success. May our God the almighty Bless you All.


Sospeter Dickson Mkasanga

Short Courses Coordinator, MVTTC

Morogoro, Tanzania

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