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CCEDP Summer 2015 – Attending training at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) as part of ISTEP capacity building strategy has been one of the most important things that have happened to me this year.  Before I tell you why, let me briefly talk about ISTEP. It is the short form for Improving Skills Training for Employment Program (ISTEP) which intends to build the capacity of Tanzanian technical and vocational training institutions to deliver effective skills training programs, resulting in 1,200 Tanzanian youths with the right skills sets to find employment in the extractives and tourism sectors or to create their own employment. Under this project my Institution VETA Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Owned by the Tanzania’s Vocational Education Authority (VETA) is in partnership with NSCC which will help VHTTI in its quest to build its capacity which is crucial in introducing and effectively conduct tourism courses.

The three weeks training at NSCC was carefully and neatly scheduled to allow first familiarizations of members of staff from Tanzania to the NSCC and Nova Scotia culture and more importantly, to attend training on Facilitation of  Adult Learners and Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning.

The familiarization week was exiting and full of learning as far as tourism is concerned. This program kicked off by a warm reception by Katie (Director of International Services) who visited us at the hotel where she briefed us about the hotel, the nearby services and also addressed the logistic issues. The familiarization to the IT campas on the next two days included meeting faculty members and various services of the compass as well as getting to know about the living wall.  The visit to Akerley and Water Front Campuses was another important exposure to the facilities and organization of training activities within NSCC.

Apart from NSCC, there were a lot to learn about Nova Scotia and its culture. To begin with the boat tour at the harbor organized by Ted was  relaxing, sensational and educational on how tourism is organized within Halifax. This was followed by the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Performance: This is organized by a not-for-profit charity that presents a week-long event every year in one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. This evening performance was fantastic. The performance included multinational army display as well as the Nova Scotia flavor like bagpipes, bands, gymnastics, dancers and choirs. It was without doubt a very good night. The familization week did not end up there but it was sealed by two activities, the visit to Peggy’s Cove and barbeque hosted by Ted. The Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, built in 1915 is one of the tourist attractions in this part of Nova Scotia. Together with the carving by William E. deGarthe which depicts 32 fishermen, their wives and children and the legendary Peggy herself.

The last two weeks of the training were spent at Truro campus. With about 50 participants in the first programme (1st week) there were a lot to learn from friendly group members and dedicated facilitators led by Dave. This first week’s training was on Facilitating Adult Learners.  Micro teachings, group discussions and joint sessions were part of the activities that I can say have provided me with enormous competences.

Moreover, the second week was organized for participants to be able demonstrate classroom assessment techniques (CAT) and evaluation methods. This five day training was full of activities like; group discussions, demonstration of use of CATS, seminars tailored to various evaluation methods, creation of rubric and application of Brooms Taxonomy in assessing and evaluating.


It is indisputable that the entire training package was well designed and tailored to ensure us (members of staff) from Tanzania to learn about NSCC and be equipped with solutions to many challenges facing teachers in modern days classroom being in facilitating or assessing and evaluation. 

Stan Ntibara

Faculty, VHTTI

Arusha, Tanzania




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