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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – Our Arrival:
Zoran is a clever man.  He made us travel to four different countries in one day, arranged for us to go without food or water for what seemed like hours, then had us stay in an inn high up the hill, a place where you chose to sleep on top of the sheets, use your only towel as your pillow and secretly lean the back of your only chair against the room door. He did all this so that when we finally did arrive in Grenada early the next morning, we were thankful, thankful to Zoran for the amazing accommodations for the next two weeks, thankful for everything Zoran had arranged!  Zoran is a clever man.
Week #1
It’s Saturday morning, took my daily 6am swim at 8am today, it is the weekend and of course, it’s clear and hot, no complaints!
This past week had everything a group of students, a couple of faculty and an NSCC International  manager could ask for and more. With the outstanding support and help from Dr. Nicole Philips, TAMCC faculty, Zoran Kondali  NSCC International , and Larry Bergeron, Culinary Arts, 16 interviews had been arranged with local experts in the areas of natural food products and traditional masquerade.  Each day we had the students in the field conducting interviews and collecting oral histories in combined groups of NSCC and TAMCC students.  At one point four different groups where in four different locations across the island conducting interviews.  We were all given the opportunity to listen to generous participants share their history, their insights, their knowledge and their stories. It was applied learning at it’s very best. One truly couldn’t ask for a better introduction to this country and to our Grenadian colleagues.
 Five students from NSCC are here participating. They each come from different programs, (a great asset to this program);  Campbell Bailey (Public Relations) Samantha La Pierre (Tourism) Hailey Dewtie (Screen Arts), Laura MacNeil ( Business),and  Anton Nestel (Culinary Arts). From the very start they have been complete professionals. Partnered with six student from TAMCC (TA Marryshow Community College), over the week they connected by sharing responsibilities during the interviewing process. The result, outstanding interviews, great team work and hours of valuable research to analysis and eventually archive.  I’m looking forward to next week, it will be exciting to see what entrepreneurial ideas emerge!

Janet Hawkwood

Faculty, Screen Arts

Waterfront Campus



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