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Sugar and Spice, everything niceGrenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – GRENADA THE ISLAND OF SPICE/CANADA THE COUNTRY OF MAPLE
Sugar and Spice everything nice

Be ready to use your training:
My first official blog entry. Destination Grenada, West Indies working with TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) students, senior administrators, manager and faculty. Allow me to say some extremely important lessons for this mission for me; Firstly, First aid trained, CPR trained and yes extra tooth paste. You are probably wondering why? Well it started while waiting for my flight from Halifax to Toronto on my way to Grenada. A man located near me had a massive heart attack, a gentleman and I were the first responders and stated CPR until the paramedic’s arrival. After 20 long minutes the paramedics took over. I was so glad to have received word the next day by the RCMP that he survived.
Know the thought paste
Well what happened, we arrived in Barbados for our connecting flight. After a 4 hour delay and two unexpected stops,  we ended up in St-Vincent were the customs officer told us to disembark and the flight was no longer going to Grenada, with no explanation. LIAT Airlines provided us with very interesting accommodations that was at 1:15 in the morning with pick up at 5:30 am to resume our destination to Grenada. We finally arrived a day late in Grenada at 7:30 am. A little hungry, dirty, sweaty and fatigued. WE ARE HERE!!!

The NSCC Team
Our first day in class was great, the students from TAMCC and NSCC are really connecting. Tomorrow stars will be visiting some great sights prior to interviewing a group of selected entrepreneurs and artists from the Island for our project. I really enjoy witnessing pro-active students. This group comprises of the following; Campbell Bailey ( Public Relations), Laura MacNeil (Business Administration Marketing), Hailey Dewtie (Screen Arts), Samantha LaPierre (Tourism Management), Anton Nestel (Culinary) are and maintain to be such great Ambassadors in every sense of the word. Our team also comprises of two stars Janet Hawkwood (Faculty Screen Arts) which will be celebrating her birthday with us, has an incredible eye and knowledge for this project. PS: she will be taking my position as senior faculty next year. Allow me to introduce you the man behind the scene Zoran Kondali (Manager of NSCC International Activities), you really want to learn from this man, he is the back bone of this project and many more, the list is too long to elaborate.

Our host TAMCC Team Grenada
I know we have one more week to go; however I would like to express my sincere thank you for allowing us in your lives. I know this will be a big part in our individual selves forever.  We all walk away with the power of collaboration, education and most of all pride and cultural exchanges. Allow me to present the connecting force for TAMCC. Dr. Nichole Phillip-Dowe, (Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies) the lead for this project in Grenada, this fine lady is an historian and author of the book “Women in Grenadian History 1783-1983”. Dr. Phillip is providing us with valuable insight of the Grenadian culture along with her colleague Ms. Louisa Chase-Lewis, TAMCC  History Lecturer.  The TAMCC students in this exciting program are Gyvon Gibbs (Culinary Arts), Tannisha Phillip (Hospitality Studies), Simone Thomas (Hospitality Studies), Kareem Lewis (Arts and Humanities), Rocqui Charles (Arts and Humanities), and Shennel Fleming (Business Studies).

Today is Saturday and our first week has been a great success. It’s hard to believe that I will be almost on my way back home this time next week. Little mixed feelings, I am eager to get back to family and to share this ongoing work with my colleagues; however I will miss the friends I have made here. I was fortunate to be one the member from the beginning. Being attached to such an amazing School, this is something I could truly work with for years to come, which I intend to do in a different capacity. On that note enjoy some of the photos of this incredible journey of friendship, education, cultural entrepreneurial experience and working together hand in hand.
“The best team ever” I have learned and will share those learning.

Chef Larry (Larry Bergeron)

Faculty, Boulanger and Pastry Arts

NSCC Akerley Campus




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