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Would you like to go with us?

My name is Daniel Lee and I am from South Korea. It’s been almost five months since I moved to Canada to study at NSCC. I have just started a new journey to study the Electronic Engineering program. At first, I was a bit worried about life in Halifax, because I was not fluent in English and every environment was new and different. I even didn’t know anyone in Canada. But by the time the semester finished, I got familiar with the school, my studies, and my friends, and I think it is all thanks to the International Student Ambassador program.

International Student Ambassador’s role is to welcome international students and help them become more familiar with college and surroundings by planning and organizing events or activities. My focus has been on sports events and I successfully completed the hockey game and basketball game. Through these events, I have learned time scheduling and official emailing. Even though the plans were changed many times, it was worthy planning as it motivated me to keep going with fewer mistakes. I also strengthened my communication skills by communicating efficiently with a lot of international students from various countries. I believe that it helped me as an individual to grow mature and become more open-minded.

For me, “Promise little, do much!” is the most impressive proverb. I highly recommend experiencing activities/events as an ambassador or an international student. I am pretty sure that the International Student Ambassador program will lead you all to get a good experience much more than your expectation.


Daniel Lee
Electronic Engineering Technician
NSCC Ivany Campus


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