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Stereotype #1: Canadians are polite!

The first thing I was told when I decided to spend an exchange semester in Canada was: “You will be fine. Canadians are really friendly and polite.” Back then, I did not really know what to think about such a statement, but the more I focused on gathering information about Canada, the more I was confronted with one big stereotype: Canadians are polite. Coming from a country like Germany where people are rather serious and grumpy, I can only confirm that Canadians are more polite than the Germans I’ve met. People seem happier and more caring. When I leave my building in Dartmouth and walk the trail to the Waterfront Campus, pedestrians and cyclists look at me, give me a smile, and simply say “Good morning.” It sounds like a small thing, but turns even the rainiest, grey morning into a good one and makes me happy. Especially, as I’ve never experienced something like this in Germany. Of course, Germans greet you, but only when they know you or want to start a conversation. I appreciate the Canadian politeness, not matter the situation. I feel at home and trust me, I can tell: “You will be fine as well.”

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