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My name is Felipe Lenz Almeida, I am from Brazil and I am an International Student Ambassador. Some adjectives that I would use to describe my experience in the Fall term of 2019 as an ISA would be: Incredible, passionate and resourceful. During the fall term, I learned a lot about Canadian culture and how it is related to international newcomers. Even though all the experiences that I had were extremely positive there was one that I enjoyed more; the Valley Harvest Marathon. During this event, I was part of the NSCC team that provided water and Gatorade to the marathon participants and I learn a lot about self-discipline and how important it is for us to always set a goal that challenges ourselves because just by expanding our limits we will be able to achieve bigger things in life.

Overall, I would say this program was really important in my academic life since I was able to learn a lot about life in Canada and how important it is to be active in the community. If I was supposed to suggest any change for the ISA program, I would suggest an expansion in the program, that way more students would have the opportunity to have more meaningful experiences.

Felipe Lenz

Business Administration

Kingstec Campus


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