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Hello, my name is Maria E. Medrano. I am originally from Mexico, and I am a Business Administration student at Ivany campus in Dartmouth, NS.

I moved to Canada in August 2018. First, I visited Montreal because that was the first city I wanted to move to, before finally deciding to move to Halifax, NS. After a few types of research and considerations, I chose NSCC over a Montreal school and a private school I had previously registered in Halifax.

When NSCC had accepted me, I was worried about being the only international adult student. So, I started to research for activities outside of school or volunteering in certain places to be able to get to know the community or at least meet people in the same situation as an international student, but it was hard without knowing how or where to go. When I received the invitation to be part of the international students’ program, I didn’t think it twice to sign up.

As an international student, I’ve faced many challenges. In the beginning, I was excited about my new journey in NSCC as an international student. However, it didn’t take much to realize that there was more to it, more commitment; it was twice as much effort, more discipline, and hard work to be able to adapt to a whole new culture and environment and especially in a new school. Nevertheless, to my surprise, there were many other international students with the same struggles and fears as myself. It didn’t take me long to start making good friends either in class or outside of my class, even outside of school. When I began to learn from other students about their culture and situations, I started to feel more comfortable and started to feel more like home.

Being part of the international student’s ambassador has become a great asset to my new career at NSCC. It has given me a sense of accomplishment in every aspect that I have set my mind to, and it has encouraged me to accomplish my short- and long-term goals in Nova Scotia. It has become an excellent opportunity to keep educating myself and keep growing with many others with the same aspirations as well. I have enjoyed every single moment I have shared with my schoolmates and every activity we have accomplished through this incredible program. This program has taught me a lot through activities, events, and workshops, which have motivated me more to pursue my dreams and encourage others never to give up. It has helped me in many ways to develop my leadership and communicative skills. I feel more confident than when I first moved to Canada. Though, I am looking forward to keeping learning and growing at NSCC, motivating more people and meeting many more through this fantastic program.  

After all, overcoming some of the challenges I first faced, many have dispelled. Though with the support of the new family I have chosen and friends I have made in NSCC, the new challenges I am facing now, I perceive them now as great opportunities to keep learning and growing through the path I have chosen to pursue my goals and dreams. Best of all, to continue inspiring others to make their stay count.


Maria E. Medrano

Business Administration

NSCC Ivany Campus


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