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Christina Drigo’s Blog

Coming to Canada to study as an International student has been the best experience for me so far. At first I was very nervous about coming up here. How am I going to get along with everyone? Will the students like me? How will I survive managing my way through the snow! What if I get lost? This entire journey has taught me how to survive and adapt to a new environment as well as weather conditions I had never been exposed to. The people were extremely friendly and helpful and there was always something new to see and do in Nova Scotia. I became more sociable and learnt all kinds of new skills and tasted all kinds of different foods. It took some getting used to and I wondered what I had signed myself up for – In the end I conquered all my worries came to love my life as a student at NSCC. I will truly miss everyone and urge my friends back home to try this journey for themselves and further their educational and professional abilities for the world ahead by coming here.


Christina Drigo

International Exchange Student, Dominica

Tourism Management, Akerley Campus



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