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Hi everyone, this is my first time in Canada and I’m loving it. The people here are extremely friendly making it easier to make friends/network with persons/businesses. The first event I went to when I came to Canada was the Harbour Hopper tour, which was with the Tourism and Hospitality class at NSCC Akerley Campus. That was fun and educational at the same time. The program I do at NSCC is Business Tourism. I really like this program because of the hands-on training, open events and opportunities available to students, the classes are very interactive. Outside of school, I went apple picking with my host family and that was fun, and the apples are very nice. I’m yet to visit Peggy’s Cove. Canada is a very nice and beautiful place. The winter season has just begun but, surprisingly, I am enjoying it. I like how the snow brightens the atmosphere and makes it beautiful. Despite moving from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures quickly, I am enjoying living in Canada. One “cultural” thing I realized about Nova Scotia is that the citizens follow the rules/laws of the country. That’s different and nice to see.

Jada Herbert

Business Tourism

Akerley Campus


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