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My journey here in Nova Scotia has been an amazing and at the same time, a challenging experience, because of many things that I have learned and discovered about myself. Leaving my home country was never an easy decision for me, and to all other international students here at NSCC, because that will mean that we need to leave our comfort zones, and to be brave to start a new life here in our new home country, Canada.

The first few months were very hard I must say: adapting to a new culture, language, and climate. Good thing was the Filipino community here in Nova Scotia is now growing, and that helped me feel at home. I met so many people from different nations, as well as Canadians who are very welcoming and very helpful and kind, and that’s really an awesome experience, knowing more about different culture and learning to embrace our differences. That’s the most amazing thing about studying here at NSCC, diversity.

Studying here at NSCC, opened great opportunities for me. I became an International Ambassador at NSCC and I am also part of the Study and Stay Program to represent my country. I never knew how capable I was of becoming an independent woman, until I moved here in Canada. I feel so accomplished seeing myself thriving on my own, and I can proudly say that moving here is the best decision I have made for myself. Cheers! Best regards,

Jizell Dionisio

Business Administration

NSCC Ivany Campus


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