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Hi, my name is Jiajia Li, I come from China, and I took Business Tourism at NSCC Akerley Campus. I arrived in Halifax at July, now half a year passed, I think I really enjoy Canada’s life.

First of all, my major is my favorite. Because I have a passion for tourism industry, and I have some working experience in Beijing, China. I think this is very important and desire for me. Besides, my class is a multicultural class. Two thirds of my classmates are international students. I made a lot of new friends and learned different culture. I find it interesting.

Secondly, this picture was on my birthday on November. (The center girl is me.) My local classmates invited us to watch a hockey game. They said that hockey game is a kind of Canadian culture. This is my first time to watch hockey game. I felt excited and all of my international classmates enjoyed it.

Finally, I also became an International ambassador in NSCC Akerley Campus. We often organize some activities to help international students become more familiar with school and bridge the cultural gap. I believe it’s a meaningful job and I like it.

Sharon Li (Jiajia Li)

Business Tourism

Akerley Campus


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