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Hi, my name is Alley Nguyen I am from Vietnam, and I am currently studying in my first year of the business administration program at the Kingstec Campus. In the college environment, we are able to exchange cultures from various countries around the world that contribute to our self-development in the workplace. Through the ISA program, I was able to have more opportunities to attend a lot of events and meet new people, for example, the ISA meeting in Halifax where I had the opportunity to learn how to manage events and share the knowledge with others. In addition, on our campus, we created different activities to educate students to become better leaders and share their culture.

Generally speaking, I would like to develop myself and get in touch in the program in the following semesters since the advisor teaches us different skills that we can apply in our daily life to help students on our campus and also make connections with other people, in different campuses. The program not only provides new technical skills but also helped me to develop interpersonal skills, meaning that I used to be shy and now I learned how to become outgoing with people.

Alley Nguyen

Business Administration

Kingstec Campus


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