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International Tourism in Ireland – Today so far had to be one of my most favourite days of the trip. We got up early to drive to Dingle and Slea Head which was highly recommended by our two tour guide drivers Eddie and Tom. Other locals we had come across over the last few days recommended Dingle and Slea Head as well, so I was very excited to see what all the talk was about. I was a little worried at first that we wouldn't get to really appreciate the beauty of Dingle and Slea Head due to the rain, but thankfully once we got to the top of Slea Head the weather cleared. I was in awe of the beautiful water and green scenery of Slea Head. The water was different colours of blue which looked almost tropical as our teacher Wendi pointed out. As I stood looking out at the water with the cool breeze kissing my face, I understood why the locals suggested this place.

 After Slea Head we headed to the town of Dingle where we stopped for a bit to eat at Harringtons, and we then signed up to go on a boat tour to see Fungie. Fungie is a famous bottle nose dolphin that has lived in the waters of Dingle for over 35 years, and he delights visitors and locals alike by his friendly nature and curiosity. I did a project about Fungie and leaned that he likes to come up to boats and he seems to enjoy swimming along side the boats and jumping in the waves they create. It began to rain again and the water was choppy; we were soaked to the bone, but after 20 minutes we saw Fungie. I couldn't believe how big he was and I was very touched that I got to see him because after doing a project on him it felt special to actually get to see him. I didn't care that I was cold and dripping wet, I was just happy I got to see him.

Taylor Lownds

Tourism Management

NSCC Akerley Campus

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