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International Exchange Students – So, who would’ve thunk that little ole’ me would be going to school in Nova Scotia? I sure didn’t, here I am though, three months in and I love it!!! I’m a big softie so I cried when I found out I was going, tears of joy and excitement. But guess what? That didn’t last. I travelled for almost a full 24 hours even through a hurricane to get to Dartmouth and I was teary eyed the whole way. I was leaving my kids for a full year when I’d never left them for more than a weekend and little Lily, which was my three-year-old neighbour on my flight to Toronto, made it even worse. She kept calling me mommy, she shared her little jam puffs and her fried chicken, then we shared a magazine. We were fast friends; until we landed then she got cranky and wanted to go to bed.

But enough of all that. Nova Scotia is beautiful!!! I don’t miss my palm trees or my coconut trees. I love the huge trees and their colours now in fall, my first few days I would stand out in the driveway and just stare at trees. I’m sure the neighbours thought I was weird. The people are even more beautiful, they are extremely friendly, sometimes shy, but all and all nice and I don’t just mean Nova Scotians; Hi Amanda and Caralana. These two ladies have made the journey here easier to bear.

Now, I was told I had to write a blog entry and I wondered for a while what I would write about, see first try below.

                "You Vs Metro Transit"

Now this isn’t the islands. The buses don’t just stop at random places. They don’t just show up either, you can’t just leave the house thinking “I’m gonna go get a bus”, Noooo!!! It doesn’t work that way. So, here’s some advice. Check the bus schedules before leaving the house, the buses are usually on time and they have a pretty tight schedule. Don’t run to get the bus, I’m convinced that when the drivers see you coming it gives them incentive to drive off and it looks pretty silly you trailing a bus, lol….

I scrapped that and just said I’ll do this instead.

Nova Scotia can be a home away from home for me, the tourism industry is alive and well, the people are awesome, food is abundant (I’m an aspiring foodie) and compared to little St. Kitts this place is huge. Being here has changed me, I appreciate so much more now and I look forward to everything else that’s to come.

Teshell Samuel

International Exchange Student, St. Kitts-Nevis

Tourism Management, Akerley Campus 

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