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Being an exchange student at NSCC Waterfront Campus is a wonderful experience. The first week of my stay was full of great experiences at the orientation days at the campus and the trip to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, were I met other international students from all over the world, who are in the same situation as I am. The learning experience at the College is better than I expected, the courses, teachers and especially my classmates are amazing. When I first entered the class, I was a bit shocked, because I am the only woman in my class, but after 13 weeks of sharing courses with them, I cannot imagine it to be different.

During my exchange semester, I had the opportunity to travel around Nova Scotia. I really appreciate that the Global Squad of the Waterfront Campus organised a trip to Victoria Park in Truro, not only the nature was wonderful, to spent a day with the international students was amazing. Time passed by so fast and I cannot believe that I am leaving in less than three weeks. My experiences in Canada influenced me as a person and I can only recommend everybody, who has the opportunity to spent an exchange semester at NSCC: DO IT!

Therese Schaffer, Electrical Engineering Technology – Waterfront Campus


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