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The Happiness Project in Tanzania – A Lesson in Living – I had expectations that were pre-determined when going into this trip. Expectations that I could never have imagined would be exceeded.I wanted to learn all I could about a culture that seemed so foreign, so distant. I mean we see it in the movies, and we learn about third world countries in school… but to have the opportunity to see it firsthand was something completely else. It was thrilling to think that I would get a firsthand look into the lives of those in Tanzania. 

Words cannot describe the experience I had. When you walk off the plane there is an immediate sense of calm, and absence of tension and feeling of peace that overwhelms you. The welcome you receive is unlike anything you can imagine. The sheer beauty of the land is something to appreciate. 
This experience has given me a true sense of appreciation for life and all that it has to offer. I have grown exponentially both professionally and personally and will treasure these memories for the rest of my life. 

A Breathe of Fresh Air – “If you have ever experienced magic, it was with-in Africa!”
I live by the mantra “the best things in life are often found on the other side of fear”
The idea that one should take chances, follow your heart, and embrace things that scare you because you never know what adventure is waiting for you on the other side! 
It is true when they say that Africa has its own heartbeat… a magic that is unlike anything else. If you have ever experienced magic, it was with-in Africa and something I can promise you will never forget. 
I will forever cherish the opportunity that was awarded to us through NSCC International! Thank You! 

Travis David

Business Administration Student

NSCC Pictou Campus

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