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Being an exchange student at the Pictou Campus is a wonderful experience. This being my first time away from home alone, I was unsure of what to expect upon arrival.  Since arriving here, I have had numerous pleasant experiences.

Coming from the small island of Grenada, one of the biggest changes for me was the difference in the weather patterns. Since it never snows in Grenada, my dress code of t-shirt and jeans just could not keep me warm as the winter months approached. I have never worn this many pieces of clothes at once!

Another change for me was the availability of transportation. I found that travelling here without a private vehicle to be particularly difficult. Back home, our public buses are almost always available to get you to, or close to, your destination.

Being a student here has opened new learning opportunities for me. I’m able to broaden my knowledge and have fun. The major difference between the program here and back home is that at Pictou campus, we are in the kitchen every day, but only there occasionally at home where it is more theory based.

I have gotten to meet great people, visit many interesting places, experience skiing for the first time and try foods that I haven’t had before. I'm excited to see what is ahead of me here at Pictou Campus.


Valeska Penny

International student

NSCC- Cooking Program (Pictou Campus)

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