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I sit here with a sunburn thinking, “Who would have thought I would be finishing off the school year in Grenada?" I didn’t, but this has been the best program I have ever taken part in, and I would recommend it to anyone. From the moment we stepped off the plane it has felt so surreal. This past week has just flown by and it’s sad to think that we only have a few days left.

It has been amazing connecting with the students at TAMCC, and learning about their cultures and backgrounds, as well as watching them learn more as we from NSCC are learning.

I have learned so much more in the past week than I ever imagined I would. We have learned a lot about history, traditions and culture in Grenada. I would have to admit, my favourite thing we have done is, we got to help make the island’s national dish, oil down.

We have gotten the chance to drive around the island and see some beautiful scenery, and meet amazing people. We even had a fabulous presentation on the history of Grenada, given by Dr. Nicole Philip.

This experience has been such a phenomenal opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the journey will bring.

Victoria Hanna
Adult Learning Program
NSCC Akerley Campus


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