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Hi, my name is Yannick, I’m from The Netherlands, and I took Business Administration and Marketing at NSCC Ivany Campus this semester. It was always a dream for me to visit Canada once. When I saw that I can study at NSCC in Dartmouth I signed up for it.

I arrived at August 28 and school started on September first. So, I had some time to explore the area where I was supposed to stay the next 4 months. First thing I noticed is that the people are super friendly and always willing to help. In the beginning I was a bit suspicious about it, I’m not used that the people so (extremely) friendly, but it was go nice to see that people always want to help you. I thought; What does this person want from me? But it’s just how (most of) the people are.

The first day of school I was a bit nervous. New school, new people that I’ve never seen before and in a different language that I’m used to. But when the first class started, and we needed to introduce our-self, everybody was friendly (again) to me and if I had any question or if I needed help they were willing to help me. So, I felt completely comfortable with this people. That really helped me to settle down here.

In The Netherlands sometimes we speak before we think that’s just what we do, and is normal for us. We say what we think. In Canada people don’t do that, and I learned that the hard way. I didn’t even notice it, but I said something, and some people were shocked that I just said that. I don’t even remember what it was about. That was for me a funny cultural experience. It happened a few times after that. But now I think before I speak.

I really improved my English this semester and that will benefit me in the future. I really liked the hands-on mentality that NSCC have. They are preparing you for the job field and I think that a good thing. You learn stuff that you will use during your job. Another good thing for me was the many presentation you had to give. At my university we don’t have that many, so I improved my presentation skills as well. All the teacher that I had, they all have experience in the work-field, so they know what they are talking about.

I can’t name a specific memorable moment at NSCC, the whole experience was absolutely great for me. And if I could do it again I would do it again without even considering. I enjoyed my stay here and I’m thankful for this experience. I made friends for forever I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life. And I will definitely return to Halifax in the future. Everyone who is doubting if they want to study at NSCC, I would recommend them to do it. The people are super friendly and the NSCC environment is great.


Yannick Hoogeveen

Business Administration and Marketing

NSCC Ivany Campus

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