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CCEDP Summer 2015 – I left Grenada for Canada not knowing what to expect from the training, unsure of the types of persons who will be participating in, and facilitating the training, and the format the training would take.  The one thing I decide to do though, was to be opened minded and ready to soak in as much information as I possibly can and return home ready to implement.

This week has been an extraordinary one for me.  One with which I had no idea would have impacted me to the degree and extent for which it did, but one which has left an indelible impression on me and for which I think I will have long lasting memories of.  Memories of my first experience upon entering the room.  For some magical reason, I found myself being embraced by invisible hands.  There was a certain warmth with which I was invited and made to feel so much a part of, and for which, in the past I would have referred to as the learning environment but now, venture to say it is the “community of Learners.  As time progressed, I realized that the invisible embrace spoken of earlier allowed me to feel a sense of belonging, to be me, to embrace my weakness, feel vulnerable enough to express myself without being inhibited by fear.  To allow my true emotions, thoughts, perceptions, lack of knowledge and request to know, to seek help from those within my present learning community and triad to play out, and to be respected and accepted.

I have been in numerous training exercises but never have I experienced reflection whether group or individual used to stimulate further thinking, provoke thought, reinforce learning, allow for shared information etc.  It was new, I liked it, and will employ it in my facilitation as well as encourage its use by my Lecturers.

Believe me, never have I been more accepting of myself than I am now.  Listing to Don, Libby, Marcus, the clip on Ms. Thompson and Dewitt Jones, I realize that my journey on the path to self-awareness and acceptance has taken on a new path, one that I have no intentions of derailing from.

Thanks to all those responsible for making the training possible.  Thanks Zoran for your hard work in making all arrangements.  Thanks to my Triad for allowing me to learn so much, and to all the other participants for collaboration during reflective moments.  Special thank you to the facilitators who did an excellent job facilitating with your heads, hearts and minds.  Your organization and execution of the training was remarkable.  You are simply “the best”.

Yvette Payne


TA Marryshow Community College


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